Immigration Physical

The Village Pediatric and Wellness Center is USCIS certified to perform immigration medical examinations for individuals seeking permanent residency (green card).

For this visit you will need the I-693 Form, please bring a copy from: or we can give you a copy with an extra charge.

The medical examination provided by Dr. Pourrat includes the review of your medical information and the completion of the I-693 form. Bring your vaccination records, tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea results. If you are missing a vaccine or need one the test, they will be administered at the clinic during the visit.

The Tuberculosis test is a skin test that requires a reading two or three days later. If the Tuberculosis skin test is positive, you will need a chest X-ray.

You will need another visit to The Village Pediatric and Wellness Center for that reading. If all the tests are normal, and you had all the vaccines, you will receive the completed I-693 form in a sealed envelope for USCIS, and a copy for your records.

The Fee for the Immigration Service includes the review of your medical documents and the completion of the forms. The fee does not include the cost of the vaccines and tests needed to complete the assessment. Call us for more information

You do not have to receive vaccines from our clinic, but you do need to show proof of having received the required vaccines. If you have insurance, we can provide you with a prescription so you can get your vaccines at a pharmacy that would bill your insurance or we can give you a receipt for reimbursement for your insurance company.

Preparing for your visit:


  • Photo ID, Passport or Driver’s license
  • Vaccination records
  • Proof of any tests needed (within two years)
  • I-693 form

There is a $50 cancellation fee if an appointment is canceled with less than 24-hour notice.