Parenting Program - Individual and Group Sessions

Successful Parenting

This class will help parents with children, ages 0-18, to better understand and address children’s behavior, provide developmentally appropriate discipline strategies, build self-esteem, effective communication skills, how to encourage them and understand the impact of domestic violence on children’s emotions and behavior.

La Crianza Latina Exitosa is the same program adapted for Spanish speaking families.

In addition to the initial consultation, follow-up visits will provide continuous reinforcement and support in reaching your nutrition and wellness goals. Our nutrition consultant is available to meet with you by appointment.

In addition to the individualized service, every 2nd Saturday of each month, you can enjoy a Free Nutrition Class from 10:30 am to 12:00pm. Each class has a different theme like:  Obesity, Food and Nutrients, Why do I need to change my lifestyle?, Healthy  Habits for children, Healthy Holidays

Please remember her appointments are not covered by insurance.